Friday, May 13, 2011


What comes to mind when you think of perspective? The dictionary defines perspective as: 

  • the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship; 
  • the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship; and, 
  • a mental view or prospect.
Our perspective can change from year to year, month to month, or day to day.  What we once thought was our perspective about an issue can change as we experience life. 

But enough about all that vague and random chatter about perspective.  I've been thinking a lot over the past 2 months.  I've been thinking about what's most important in my life and what means the most to me.  I've been thinking about all of the "what if's" and "why nots" and other really scary things because friends and family and complete strangers have experienced completely life altering events.  

I've laid awake at night, many times just thinking.  Sometimes admitting how we feel is the most difficult step because it makes us vulnerable.  It leaves us open and unguarded.  But if I can't be honest with myself first, then I can't begin to be honest with the people who mean the most to me, right?  And, I've realized this more-so recently because seemingly healthy people are being diagnosed with terminal cancer - their lives are going to end sooner rather than later and they are YOUNG!! They have kids who need them, they have spouses who love and depend upon them.  I've seen seemingly healthy people (in their 30's) drop dead or killed in accidents.  What was the last thing they said to their loved ones?  Did they get the chance to tell their wives they loved them before heading out for the day?  When was the last time they made time to just be together and listen to one another's hopes, dreams, fears, hesitations, excitements?  There are so many things I'm sure those families hoped to accomplish and experience together, and now they won't have that opportunity.  

Perspective.  Life is short.  Times are difficult.  Trust doesn't come easy but can be broken in an instant and take months, sometimes years to be earned again.  Faith is different for every single person and a journey that is always evolving.  Happiness looks different to me than it does to you.  Sometimes life gets confusing - you have to just stop asking questions and start going with the flow.  Say the difficult things to those you love, especially if you want to move forward with them in some way.  Believe in hope and forgiveness, none of us are perfect.  Find beauty in awkward places.  Embrace - Speak - Listen - Love - Laugh.  

In an instant, it can all be gone.  Life can look black where it once looked white.  

Perspective.  How as your perspective changed recently?